Welcome to our blog project!

Update, October 31: 

This blog project is finished – for the past four weeks, we have been blogging about New Media, ICT and  community media. Please feel free to read and comment, but you might not receive a prompt reply! Please read our evaluation if you are curious about what we learned during this process, and contact me if you have any questions.


Oct 1st: 

In this blog, we  – three students at the Communication for Development Masters at Malmö Högskola – intend to discuss matters of Community Media in relation to ICT4D and new media. We will post longer blog posts, attempting to answer four different questions:

1: Do we need community media? An introduction to community media, defining our terms, making an argument for it is or is not important for development.

2: Should new media replace the old? A discussion of the pros and cons of new and old media. 

3: Who is represented? A discussion about conflicts of interest/representation embedded in community media.


Feel free to comment and get involved with our discussion!

/ LinneaE


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