Social media encourage participation by the African asporian

by Lucia Mati on October 13, 2013

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Something transformational has been happening online. The participators of the social media have changed. African voices have begun populating social media and we are no longer faced with what is called “the danger of a single story”. New stories are being told through social media such as Twitter, Facebook and other forms. These powerful tools are also used for organising developing African-driven institutions and communities.

Development projects such as: #1millionshirts campaign and Invincible Children’s campaign took a lot of critics by the African diaspora. Misguided development projects such as these two are now in focus of the attention and encourage more collaboration and shared learning. International development gatherings and discussions are now not only held in western countries. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter projects and solutions are shared among the continent. See a foto of Ugandans watch Kony 2012. The video was dismissed by many in the diaspora as ‘over-simplified’ and “misleading”.

Kony 2012 screening Photo source: Kony 2012 screening

Through the social media communities all of us in the community can benefit of the community development. African diaspora mean it is important to engage in the political process both at the international and local level. Important for political change is collective voice and money to engage continent. The African diaspora is also using social media to raise funding for projects on the continent.

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