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Our fellow students in the other group focusing on social media, Making Sense of Social Media , put up this video yesterday that I would like to share here as well as it connects to several points we have discussed.

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Getting People To the Parks

by Sofia Hafdell on October 17, 2013

in Social Movements

The concept of “Mediated mobilization” may be useful when analyzing social movements or activists mobilizing through the use of new media, in turn promoting participatory democracy (see Lievrouw, 2011). It blurs the lines between the online and the offline by encouraging citizens to take to the streets after organizing via social media. A recent example […]

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Professional privilege in social media

by Therese Sjödin on October 14, 2013

in Activism,Social Movements

There are many examples of different usages of social media that would be appropriate to bring up here regarding who participates in ICT4D and how. The ones that I want to discuss with you can be seen as showing similar aspects concerning professional privilege while at the same time being different in the aims and […]

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by Therese Sjödin on October 10, 2013

in Uncategorized

Social media have made media consumption a part of media production and the use of social media can be argued to increase participation and representation in a society, “empowering the powerless”. But it is also accused of increasing the gap between the developing and the developed world with basis in the argument, by among others […]

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