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Getting People To the Parks

by Sofia Hafdell on October 17, 2013

in Social Movements

The concept of “Mediated mobilization” may be useful when analyzing social movements or activists mobilizing through the use of new media, in turn promoting participatory democracy (see Lievrouw, 2011). It blurs the lines between the online and the offline by encouraging citizens to take to the streets after organizing via social media. A recent example […]

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Turn Off Your Televisions!

by Sofia Hafdell on October 15, 2013

in Participatory Journalism,Social Movements

While there is a whole debate going on about whether social media improves our understanding of social and political events, many would agree on that social media allow for wider participation. Blurring the line between media consumption and production, as discussed by media scholars such as Mandiberg (2012), social media may be the key tool […]

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