Our fellow students in the other group focusing on social media, Making Sense of Social Media , put up this video yesterday that I would like to share here as well as it connects to several points we have discussed.

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Why exclusion in social media

by Therese Sjödin on October 18, 2013

in Activism,Social Movements

Why is expertise privileged in social media debates for development? I have looked into this some more since I find it very interesting how an easily accessible technological tool (for those with internet access of course, which is not a big part of the world looking at the picture below), which at first glance seems […]

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Turn Off Your Televisions!

by Sofia Hafdell on October 15, 2013

in Participatory Journalism,Social Movements

While there is a whole debate going on about whether social media improves our understanding of social and political events, many would agree on that social media allow for wider participation. Blurring the line between media consumption and production, as discussed by media scholars such as Mandiberg (2012), social media may be the key tool […]

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Photo source: gwangjublog The Information and Communications Technology (ICT), especially Internet, allows people to expand their knowledge and widen their worldviews, access and share information fast, and learn what is currently happening on the other side of the world. In the globalized world, citizens also become familiar with negative global issues such as poverty, growing […]

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Armchair advocates and social media

by Peppi-Emilia Airike on October 14, 2013

in Uncategorized

In today’s 21st century world, media audiences are more active than in the earlier decades, and they are now also seen as media users, participants and consumers (Lievrouw, 2011; Mandiberg, 2012). The strict line between media producers and consumers has indeed become blurred (Mandiberg, 2012). The new media’s ‘bottow-up’ landscape has created new possibilities for […]

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