Process orientated reflection

Writing a blog about social media is confrontational in two ways.
First of all while reading studies and articles about social media use and effects, quite soon I realize I have not reflected on the issue a lot on a personal level. I have used social media a lot. Many people have probably become aware of their social media use to some extent over time, but yet it remains a space that can easily be accessed in subconscious states of mind. When used for personal interactions, rather than professional, it is a space for the kind of activity you can be involved in without effort, without much attention. The kind of activity you engage in when you need a break, want to be distracted, or relax. That is one of the reasons it can become an addiction, and has a large probability of gradually consuming more and more personal time. But there are numerous other factors that contribute to this effect. Many people have left the social media arena, possibly for this reason. And admittedly, there have been numerous moments the last few days, that while it was my aim to do research on social media, I find myself involved in social media personally. Isn’t it ironic.

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