Bloggbild (2)This is a blog about community media. It is created and maintained as an exercise in the New Media, ICT and Development course which is part of the Communication for Development Programme at Malmö University.

Community media is a key ingredient of any pluralistic media landscape. Its role as an alternative to state- and market driven media makes it relevant in any media analysis and its democratic and empowering ambitions makes it central in any social change discussion. Community media takes very different shape depending on the context in which it appears – it’s all depending on what persons/interests/organizations are involved, what media or technology are used and who the listeners/readers/consumers/contributors are.

These are all aspects that may be addressed in this blog. The topics are discussed in relation to the literature within the field, but we also welcome an interactive discussion based on experiences and observations from the practical field. Being part of an exercise, the blog gives us a chance to explore how to publicly voice our own selection of observations and media, illustrating the complexity of community media.

The people writing on this blog are Magdalena Hansson, Martin Portin and Tove Silveira Wennergren.