ICT and local radio, what is the difference?

by David Ersson on October 23, 2013

In his 2011 book Alternative and activist new media, Leah A. Lievrouw discusses the genres of and within New Media. Since I in a previous blog post briefly mentioned the use and history of community radio and its similarities to how today’s social media can be used, it may be good to have a more profound comparation between them and what genres they represent.

First, I guess we can all agree on that radio, as we meet it today contains content of all kinds possible. On the radio we can hear everything from the latest pop release or the most pointless entertainment to the deepest political analysis and all kinds of different cultural content. But what genres then are represented within social media? [click to continue…]

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Who has the right to communicate?

by Nina Eneroth on October 23, 2013

WSIS Forum 2013 - WSIS+10 Visioning Plenary II

Since the ’90s there has been several initiatives by activists, academics and civil society organizations to refine pleas and arguments for communication rights, such as the World Summit on the Information Society Civil Society Declaration, Shaping Information Societies to Human Needs. Bart Cammaertz however mean that the struggle for communication rights largely has failed due to free trade, media concentration and copyright protection that has undermined public interest and reduced the citizen to a consumer. (Cammaerts, 2007, p 2-5)

The lack of representation of marginalized groups in mainstream media is a problem globally. Hintz has pointed to that for many marginalized communities different types of civil society media is the only channel where they can hear about their culture and make their voices heard. (2007, p244-246) But as Angela Gillan Rose highlighted here in our blog earlier one of the greatest challenge facing for example community radio today is lack of funding. [click to continue…]


Community radio – sometimes a life-saver, but not always

October 19, 2013

Is radio making a comeback?  Far from being left behind and overlooked in the internet age, recent events have  reminded us of its importance in areas of the world prone to natural disasters and where the population is poor. When Cyclone Phailin hit India in October 2013, 400,000 people left their homes to find shelter. […]

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Community Radio .. how to pay for it?

October 13, 2013

The greatest challenge facing community radio today is lack of funding. Local stations attract the most devoted of volunteers but that’s not enough to keep broadcasting, particularly in remote areas. Raising enough money to pay staff, purchase equipment and produce good programming is often the biggest hurdle a station has to face. Not far behind […]

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Facebook killed the local radio star?

October 9, 2013

In Sweden the era of local radio or community radio stations begun in 1978. All of a sudden there was the opportunity of impacting the local society for all types of organizations. One such actor that really jumped on that bandwagon were Swedish independent churches. Quite common was that they bought time in the local community […]

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Radio Koch FM – Advocacy journalism

October 6, 2013

Hellen “Shiko” Wanjiku was one of ten young kenyan enthusiasts in Korogochos slum in Nairobi, Kenya, who started the first community radio station in a slum area in Kenya, Radio Koch FM. In this video she discusses how Koch FM changed the situation in Korogocho by giving a voice to the community. Koch FM has […]

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