Another New Community Media project that is bridging the divide

Written by Benita Abenaa Nyarko Uttenthal on November 1st, 2013

‘Mobile Community Zimbabwe (MCZ) is a project that gives ambitious young Zimbabweans a voice and a platform to share and exchange information through mobile telephony, video and social media. Using an application called StoryMaker, the MCZ project equips young Zimbabweans from across the country with skills to use mobile phones to tell effective stories about themselves and their communities. The project also builds the capacity of participants to use high technology devices and applications that enable the development and editing of short mobile videos.’

Read more on their website


The exercise of writing a blog

Written by Anna-Therese Nordeman on October 29th, 2013

As we have written in the “About Us” section of this blog, this exercise is part of our course New Media and ICT for Development at Malmö University. During four weeks (since we got started a little bit late) we have read literature, written posts and held weekly meetings in order to organize the group work. It turned out to be a challenge that we learnt a lot from, mostly due to the fact that none of us had any previous experience with WordPress.
The biggest challenge, however, has proven to be spreading the posts and creating a discussion around them. Within the group we have had access to four networks on three different social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) but yet we have had very few visitors to the blog. One reason can be the fact that the topic might not be interesting for our networks.

In designing the blog we wanted to have an easy to navigate and informative blog even with our few posts. We tried many, many WP-themes, trying to find one that would give us everything like:
– customizable header
– useful widgets for the sidebar, like share-boxes for social media
– the possibility to make summaries for the frontpage of all posts
– categories and tags
– a menu for About Us

With this we have succeeded, with one exception: the customizable header, that we traded for good overview and accessibility. In all, the blog has provoked interesting discussions within the group and led to a better understanding of the blog as a concept and ICT in community media.


DKY FM, Community media with many faces

Written by Martina Eriksson on October 25th, 2013

DKY FM, a radio programme in Nicaragua, uses different media to spread information about sexual health to young people across the country.


The Digital Divide—Should we Bridge It?

Written by Judith Andersson on October 24th, 2013

There has been an explosion of new technological solutions in recent years, and as West has becomes more tech-centered is has also become on of the areas in which the developing world is lagging further behind. The idea of the digital divide as one of the main factors for underdevelopment has shifted the development discourse in to a path where ICT’s in general and ICT4D in particular is described as has gained the status of universal solution the development issues of today (Pieterse 2005).


New community media – joining the community against HR violations and bridging the digital divide?

Written by Anna-Therese Nordeman on October 24th, 2013

New community media is being used worldwide for different reasons and in different ways. As written in Cammaerst and Carpentier (2007), they are developed to meet local needs, by the community itself. In the case of, a homepage managed by the NGO Cambodian Centre for Human Rights (CCHR), anyone can contribute with their own experiences and information or share news from other sources. It has been awarded with the Communication for Social Change award of Queensland University in 2013 and Information Society Innovation Fund in the category of Rights and Freedoms in 2011 ( 2013). In this post I will discuss its success in joining a big NGO community in the fight for human rights in Cambodia, also for those who do not have access to new technology.


What is Community Media?

Written by Benita Abenaa Nyarko Uttenthal on October 9th, 2013


New Community Media and the African Charismatic Church

Written by Benita Abenaa Nyarko Uttenthal on October 7th, 2013

Berrigan (1979, p. 8), as cited by Howley (2009), defines community media as ‘adaptations of media for use by the community, for whatever purposes the community decides.’ (p.16) In the case of the Charismatic megachurches, the purpose is clear – spreading their ‘prosperity gospel’ which stresses ‘personal fulfillment and success as much as theology.’ (CQ Researcher, 21 Sept. 2007, p. 769)