Community media- public sphere- storytelling

In recent posts I have returned to the main concern of community media; the public sphere as a necessity for community communication. The public sphere is separate from the market place and its competition, built around the idea of serving the ‘whole of society’ according to Cammaerts. Now, moving from the macro level to the micro level of society, what is my own experience of community media and the public sphere?

I have for more than one year worked with digital storytelling as a technique for learning and for creating space and trust among people that I hope can be the soil to build new public spheres. There have been many lessons learned but one particular lesson has been to understand how important it is for communities in Sweden to make the creation of public spheres a main development objective. And not just any public sphere, but a public sphere where learning and sharing are valued as key principles.

Digital Story from Dawood on Vimeo.




  1. Dawood, your digital story is beautiful. I have watched it several times and in only a few minutes you capture the extistential questions we all should ask ourselves everyday.
    Regarding your wish for a Swedish public sphere where learning and sharing should be the main values I was thinking of Swedish public service. There is Kunskapskanalen ( a TV channel for learning) which is only going one direction, but what if SVT could start a Kunskapskanalen as a fora for sharing with a serious content; a serious community “youtube” ?

    • Im happy that you liked it Maria! The challenge is to commmunicate something in only 2 minutes which means you have to kill a lot of darlings:-)

      Yes, Kunskapskanalen, like a Fora TV, for education and knowledge sounds like a great idea, they should do it. Otherwise, public service, is more top-down controlled compared to community media, even though their programs are pretty diverse.