Mar 14

Live blog presentation Hangout!

We will be presenting our blog on Thursday the 20th, 10:00 (Swedish Time).

You can also join the event on Google+.

See you then!

/Maria, Dawood and Elias

Mar 14

Talking Community Media! – Independent or No Media?

During this session we’ll discuss the role of policy, regulation and the government in relation to community media.

Is it better to have some media, even if it is not free and independent? To what degree can community media work outside of regulation and policy to stay independent? Is global community media, not tied to regulation of the nation-state, a way to go?

March 14th 19:00

See you!


Mar 14

Talking Community Media! – Digital Storytelling

Join our next hangout as we discuss digital storytelling, the creation of public spheres and hate speech radio.


Time: 19:00-19.30

Wednesday: 5/3

Feb 14

Talking Community Media! – Literature discussion

28 feb, 19:10 – 19:30

This Hangout will focus on literature about Community Media and we will discuss how Rennie, Howley and Cammaerts answer the following questions:

  • What is meant by community?
  • How is community media defined?
  • Why is it important in terms of social change?
Please read the related blog posts that will be the basis for our discussion.