by Iulia

Welcome to “jumping barricades”.

Our intention through this blog is to bump you up with valiant, witty and some abysmal examples of activist trends in the information age. We touch upon various genres of both traditional forms of activism and new media activism and debate on how different forms of social mobilizations are enabled or extended through these combinations.

New media activism can be divided into five main genres: culture jamming, alternative computing, participatory journalism, mediated mobilization and commons knowledge. Within all these, ICT is not considered merely as a tool, but as a space where the activism takes place.

Our discussions aim to address the following questions:

  • Which techniques are being used in the process of activism  (e.g. websites, blogs, wikis, social media and open-source software, mobile phones, digital photography, video or audio)
  • How are these techniques being extrapolated by the public toward a shared meaning (e.g. mix of traditional and new media)
  • What are the social implications around the use of these techniques and meaning making (e.g. do such efforts result in social change)

Activism is about being fearless in voicing your opinion and we hope you will not withhold any. We welcome your participation and look forward to your comments, challenges and critiques 😉

We hope you enjoy the experience…