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Passionate about social innovation and development, Diana Elena Gaftoneanu has an M.A. in Leadership for Sustainability and is working on her second masters in Communication for Development. Now a teacher in Spain, Diana is also researching on spaces for social innovation. Read more about her research on http://themingleinn.wordpress.com


Galena Nikiforova works as an administrative assistant for Hewlett-Packard in Sofia, Bulgaria. At the same time, she is in the second year of her Master’s Degree studies in Communication for Development at Malmo University, Sweden. Contact her at galena.nk@gmail.com.


Andrew Perrin works in corporate communications for a development bank in the Philippines. He’s a student in the Communication for Development master’s course at Malmo University. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Maureen van Dreumel is a senior communications advisor with the Canadian government who has also worked in Zimbabwe and Eastern Europe. She, too, is pursuing a Masters degree in Communication for Development at Malmo University, with special interests in governance and research communications. Contact her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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Rebecca Bengtsson October 23, 2014 at 9:37 AM

Great looking blog! Looking forward seeing the rest of the team introduced here, very neatly linked to the author page and some Twitter promotion. Keep up the good work!