Welcome to our blog!

First and foremost, we would like to welcome you to our blog! We are 4 students interested in ICT4D and participatory media. Our goal is to establish this site as a place of exchange where we negotiate meanings and concepts related to the mentioned topic  with you. Your comments complete our blog so please get posting!

Our group is composed by four MA students at Malmö University.

Natalie was born in Lebanon, but is now living in Malmö with her husband and two kids. Her academic background is in Translation.

Sean is an Australian/Irish dual citizen studying in Sweden and working in Denmark. His academic background is in literature.

Kim was born in Germany and is now living in Canada. Her academic background is in history, international business, and project management.

Fernando was born in Colombia but has mostly lived in Iceland and The Netherlands.  His academic background is in Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Anthropology and Film Studies.

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  1. Nice work! I really appreciate the structure and give each category their own tab. Would love something more to happen in the Twitter section, under recent tweets, not sure if they are just ending up in the wrong section?

    Missing a “home” button a little, to take you straight back to the blog once you’re done exploring the tabs. Is there a reason for that perhaps?

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