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ICT and new media in conflict areas


Cammaerts reminds us that media can work as a ‘symbolic arena’, as a space that can be used to communicate, broadcast, instigate, propagate, deceive and convince audiences (receptors) about a set of ideas and meanings. A very interesting side of the way ICT and social media have been used in activism is that each person gets to tell their side of the story and their perspective on how things are developing and in which direction. Continue reading ICT and new media in conflict areas

Zapatistas and ICT


Few conflicts have shaken the recent history of Mexico as deeply as the confrontations between the Mexican Army and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation. Violence and repression have been used against indigenous communities ever since the Americas were colonized and this is still the case today in pockets of the continent where indigenous peoples live. One of them is the Zapatitas community of Chiapas (South Mexico) who, although not completely heterogenous, have managed to preserve their identity and culture after hundreds of years. Continue reading Zapatistas and ICT