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India: The World’s Oldest Profession Meets New Media

It is not a secret that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. In fact, prostitutes are the people everybody loves to hate. They are diabolized, criminalized, and assaulted in many communities. So, what does the “network society” have to offer those who are marginalized in their own society in countries like India? I would say a lot!  Continue reading India: The World’s Oldest Profession Meets New Media

ICT and new media in conflict areas


Cammaerts reminds us that media can work as a ‘symbolic arena’, as a space that can be used to communicate, broadcast, instigate, propagate, deceive and convince audiences (receptors) about a set of ideas and meanings. A very interesting side of the way ICT and social media have been used in activism is that each person gets to tell their side of the story and their perspective on how things are developing and in which direction. Continue reading ICT and new media in conflict areas

FireChat – Revolutionizing Activism?

Hong Kong’s 2014 Democracy Protests (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

When pro-democracy activists took to the streets in Hong Kong in September, the sheer number of protestors disrupted phone networks in the protest area enough to make mobile communication impossible. Enter: FireChat, a relatively new messaging app that relies on Bluetooth instead of wifi or 3/4G internet used by popular messaging services like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.  Continue reading FireChat – Revolutionizing Activism?