Oct 14

New open Knowledge hub launched today

Open development initiatives – examples by Catarina Nilsson.

The use of open data in development seems to increase more and more. The other day we published a piece about Sweden launching a new version of Open Aid, an open source site visualising aid data. Today we were reached by the news that a new open data hub is launched today at the Open Development Camp held in Amsterdam.

The new hub will focus on various perspectives on development and – this is interesting! – make sure to use research results from low income countries.

Working as a platform for sharing data the hub wants to improve access to content that “supports evidence-informed policy making and practice by development actors”. Hopefully policymakers in relevant contexts will get to know about and use the hub to stay informed about research that relates to their area.

For now, the Institute of Development Studies are pulling data from three of their services to the project, these are ELDIS, BRIDGE and the British Library for Development Studies.

The Oriel Open Knowledge Hub is available here: www.okhub.org