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This blog has been created by a group of four master students at the Communication for Development (COMDEV) in Malmo University. The Blog itself is a Practical Excercise of the New Media, ICT and Development Course. During aproximately 5 weeks from mid September until end of October 2014, we have been learning, exploring and creating what we consider a very decent version of a Blog.

The theme SOCIAL MEDIA, DATA AND DEVELOPMENT has been analyzed from different angles and perspectives. Throughout four diferent posts we have tried to provide with some interesting ideas that might contribute to the critical thinking of both academics and practitioners. We have also enriched our reflection with some useful sources of information and visual resources.


The Blog Authors

Lisa Eriksson works with gender and development issues for a Cameroonian NGO. She has a particular interest in how social stratifications affect representation in media and how such stratifications are both bridged and deepened through developments in communication and social media in particular. She loves to travel and explore new places.

Carmen Rodriguez is a Gender and Development specialist with 10 years of experience working in the international cooperation sector. Carmen started to develop her interest in COMDEV through her work in communication for behaviour change projects in Viet Nam in the context of GBV Prevention. She enjoys creative time with her daughter and loves dancing.

Kristina Körnung works as a political advisor for the Green Party, and has a particular interest in political dynamics related to development. As a member of a regional committee on human rights, she has an interest in rights-based development and thinks the ComDev approach is essential for sustainable development.

Minna Rajainmäki  is a journalist with approximately 7 years of experience. She has been working in radio news, news agency and local newspapers home and abroad. She is interested in both domestic and foreign affairs. She is curios to write about how the international political issues affect on personal stories. In a globalized world more and more stories are local. In free time she travels and do some extreme sports

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  1. Good job! I like the simple and approachable design and the resources section. I would perhaps myself also add some more interactive elements, such as a blog roll or links to other groups or blogs.

    The ComDev videos section, I would suggest making the video frame bigger, it looks a bit small if that’s the only one that you’ll have here.

    Overall thumbs up! Looking forward to your presentation!

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