India, a sub-continent on its own. Multi-ethnic dimensions and people from various religions mark the country, which is currently the second biggest mobile phone market in the world.

The landscape of India invites for ICT4D research and applying ICT4D in the field.

If you stumbled over this blog and wonder what ICT4D actually means: ICT4D is the acronym for Infortmation and Communication Technology for Development. In this concept, ICT is used, or in the best case “appropriated”, to fight certain soical issues, like poverty, gender inequality and many more!

The Microsoft’s research lab in Bangalore is just one of many other institutions, which focuses on ICT4D in India.

On this blog we want to sample various ICT4D case studies concerned with India. Just as variant as the people in this country are, the approaches to ICT4D are hardly limited to a certain approach. From top-down agendas, like Digital India, to bottom up approaches like participatory video, the approaches and projects are numerous.

Join us on a journey through a stunning country and discover how people try to appropriate technology for various social causes and empowerment for sustainable development!

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