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Soap operas are changing the world one episode at the time

    Taru is a young educated woman who worked in Suhagpur village’s center, an organisation that provides health services, carries self-help activities and fights injustice by mobilising community action. She is idealistic, intelligent and polite. A Bihari from a higher caste, she befriended the likeable Shashikant who is also involved in social work, but […]

Participatory Video in India

Appropriating ICT, like cameras, is for the people a (new) way for storytelling. With the use of participatory video (PV), they can tell their stories and counter media narratives, which are dominant and induced by the mainstream media and other stakeholders, like corporate companies. Like the example of Lalavadar Green Messages shows. Telling about the social […]

ICT4D and India

India, a sub-continent on its own. Multi-ethnic dimensions and people from various religions mark the country, which is currently the second biggest mobile phone market in the world. The landscape of India invites for ICT4D research and applying ICT4D in the field. If you stumbled over this blog and wonder what ICT4D actually means: ICT4D […]