mHealth for Girls: “Hanging” with Choma

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by Jenn Warren

CHOMA Magazine is your best friend and big sister – inspiring, supporting and motivating you to make informed positive life choices to live healthily and HIV free [1].

Embracing technology in an effort to reach adolescent and teenage girls, CHOMA Magazine exists exclusively online and on mobile. Meaning hanging in Zulu, CHOMA focusses on young girls and women between the ages of 15 and 25 years, whether they are at school, unemployed or employed, or single, in a relationship, or married.

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It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


by Laura Saxer

This month October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. On 13 October 2015, a social media campaign therefore called for a #NoBraDay encouraging women to post Selfies of their naked breasts in the name of breast cancer awareness. Instead of saving lives, such a campaign can rather be criticised for sexualising and trivialising breast cancer. Also, how is such a campaign supposed to be understood by breast cancer patients? Continue reading

Social Media and Cyber Democracy: Thoughts on a Lecture by Marko Skoric

vasquez-laptopby Eleni Maria Rozali

Marko Skoric’s lecture at Malmo University on 8 October 2015, regarding his research on Political Expression, Exposure to Disagreement, and Opinion Shielding on social media as predictors of Citizen Engagement, was a trigger to reflect on a number of issues: the evolution of a new public sphere through social media to democracy and gender discourse.

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The Case of…


by Eleni Maria Rozali

Elliot Toger made headlines back in May 2014 with the University of California, Santa Barbara 2014 killings. There he killed six people, injured 13 others and committed suicide.

The police investigation revealed him as an extreme misogynist, inspired to kill women because they had no sexual interest in him. This shocking, yet extreme case, alarmed women across the globe; they took to Twitter and the hashtag #YesAllWomen was born, enabling them to use it on social media to share their stories and experiences of male harassment.

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Click to Save the World


by Eleni Maria Rozali

When I first saw the link for the Google Fortune telling page in my FB newsfeed, I thought, “What?” And as a regular, curious person the next thing I did was to go ahead and to try it, and I was in for a surprise: this was in fact an app created to raise awareness (and money) for the migration and refugee crisis that has escalated over the past year.

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