About Soactivist


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Welcome to the Soactivist! This blog is a part of a group work assignment created during the autumn of 2015 in the New Media, ICTs and Development course in the virtual Master program Communication for Development (Comdev) at Malmö University. Group 5 consists of four students with various academic backgrounds and interests and who are all situated in different geographical locations.

With insights from different places around the world, such as the Solomon Islands, Greece, Great Britain, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Iraq, Syria, and Iran, we explore the theme New media activism and its relation to development and social change. In our blog posts, we have not only tried to critically review and discuss literature of relevance and interest, but also tried to reconnect these discussions to real life cases that are of personal interest of the contributors and, as well that are interconnected to our main theme. Feel more than welcome to comment and give insights on our blog posts.