Social media traffic, and GPS:s generate over 2.5 quintillion bytes of big data every day. And the growth of mobile data traffic from subscribers in emerging markets is expected to exceed 100% annually through 2015, according to World Economic Forum. I will in this post discuss possibilities for Big Data and development, after having read […]

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Twitter, Facebook , Youtube and blogs constitute new media. All these channels have been important actors in the last ten years political action around the world. New media is often described as important tools to replace authoritarian regimes and promoting freedom. But despite the Twitter revolutions, which had a huge impact in Iran in 2009 […]

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I wanted to use the same title of the article by Taylor and Schroeder “Is bigger better? The emergence of big data as a tool for international development policy” for its review because this question brings up the potential of the Big Data with all its difficulties. We understand that, as development, big data is […]

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Connectivity does not solve it all

27 October 2015 Uncategorized

According to ITU, the UN agency for communication and information technologies, 80 percent of the 500 million who uses around the world are in the developed world. That means two out of every five people in the developing countries are online. At the same time, only one in 50 has access to the net in […]

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