About Us

October 25, 2015 · 0 comments

Nina Schmieder is a journalist, editor and communication-specialist, currently on leave of absence from her job as editor in Sweden.

She has worked 20 years as a journalist and a few years as an editor. She also has a background in the development sector and has worked as the press secretary for the Swedish NGO Forum Syd. She is now based in Phnom Penh , Cambodia where she has lived since 2014 with her family.

In Cambodia she has done work for several NGO:s like Forum Syd, Diakonia and PSI. Nina provides workshops in story telling for staff and partners of NGO, and does other writing and editing services for them and also writes articles for Swedish Magazines.

Milena Rangelova-Sokolova is a project evaluator. She has worked in the filed of monitoring and evaluation of EU funded interventions for more than 15 years.

Currently she works for a Bulgarian company and is involved in various regional development projects, including urban planning.

Milena lives in Sofia, Bulgaria with her husband and their little son. She likes to read books and listen to some nice acid jazz music in her free time.

Vicky Houssiere is a communication person, working in development and in the Southeast Asian region for more than 15 years. She is currently working in health development, with a great team, in Phnom Penh and has been living in Cambodia for 3 years now. Previously, Vicky was based in Laos, working in communications with various development projects, on agriculture, animal and human health issues. She is also now a student at ComDev.

Panos Makris is a part-time freelancer/entrepreneur/photographer/MA student and full time voracious learner. He was worked in many areas and enjoys challenges that demand a high tolerance of ambiguity. He lives in Greece and seeks new challenges and opportunities regardless of the location on the map.