1. Rebecca Steglich

    Moral questions related to social media are a very interesting and relevant topic to be discussed, as social media sometimes tends to be seen as the ultimate tool for social change. Referring back to Twitter’s blog announcement mentioned in your post, the absence of a ‘magic algorithm’ is related to many more issues than just identifying terrorist content on the internet. Questions of censorship, surveillance and the power of social media corporations are also an important part of the discussion on new media and social change.

    • Zornitsa Pavlova

      Dear Rebecca,
      Thank you for your comment. Indeed, taking decisions on case-by-case scenario is a ‘mission impossible’ in the realms of social media and the volumes it operates with. However, algorithms and maths are not precise in sensing the half-tones, emotions or social, gender, etc notes of a message of conversation. Bad solution is better than no solution, yet this still means that the bad should be improved. Even with small steps.

  2. Very interesting piece, and I really appreciate the thought you have put behind this blog post. The use of social media to gather people with a radical view is a reality today, and sometimes I’m convinced that social media has make our lives on earth more dangerous than ever before. Sure, as you have written, it can be used by people wanting change and democracy, but how it connects our world together is sometimes very frightening.

    Thank you for an interesting blog posts which inspired thoughts, and here is a piece i just read you might find interesting:

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