1. Mirva Junnilainen

    Thank you for an interesting blog post, Rebecca. The Civil Comments initiative certainly provides food for thought, but I agree that the question of free speech is worth posing, i.e. who decides on whether certain content is “offensive or nice.” These are relative concepts, after all. Social media companies are certainly key players here and hold the power to shape online culture. I touch on some of these issues in one of my blog posts, but I just read an interesting article that addresses some of these concerns in the light of recent research: http://en.ejo.ch/media-politics/research-owns-controls-internet; paying attention to transparency of ownership structures and (political or other) affiliations is emphasised.

  2. Rebecca Steglich

    Thank you for your comment and the link to the article, Mirva. Very interesting research, especially the link between internet service providers and criminal networks. Questioning ownership structures and more transparency are indeed are by all means necessary.

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