1. Rebecca Steglich

    Thank you for yet another interesting post. Personally, I am undecided on my own stance on the topic. Often clicktivism or slacktivism are feel-good measures with little or no practical value at all. However, I do believe that clicktivism could have some potential for awareness raising at least. On the other hand, the necessary degree of reflection is often missing. Clicking on something or hashtags going viral do not necessarily make you think. After the Paris attacks in November last year, for example, I was really surprised to see how many of my previously non-believing Facebook friends had turned religious all of a sudden and ‘prayed for Paris’. I am definitely not saying that showing support and empathy is wrong and that it is not honest, I was just puzzled by the fact how little people reflect upon what they are posting, taggging, liking etc.

    • Zornitsa Pavlova

      Dear Rebecca,
      Thank you for your comment. Although we may not have a certain position on every issue, awareness of the fact that it exists is a good initial step.

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