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  • I am so interested about the time that we spend inside the social media. like you said “According to this video people have become unable to control how much time they spend online, the use of social media provides immediate reward to certain parts of the brain with very little effort, making you desire these stimulations more and more”. Actually we spend 3-5 hours in internet acerca. For This reason like I said in my post “Social Networking & Activism “Tweets and the Street””, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp are a 30% of time in our day.

    Therefore, I believe that the New Media are closer to the first description in the post. Still, it should be explored further as emotions are transmitted from the New Media.

  • Nice. Resistance to this ordering of reality (see also my post Publish or Perish) comes down, in large part, to identity. Leaving aside calls to violence, perhaps that is what makes people like the troll Joshua Goldberg so subversive. (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/11/terrorist-troll-pretended-to-be-isis-white-supremacist-and-jewish-lawyer.html)