About us

This is a joint project of two students of the Master program “Communication for Development” at Malmö University (Sweden) for the ‘New Media, ICT and Development’ course.

Comments, feedbacks and constructive critiques are encouraged!

Who we are:

Ilario: Born in Italy, Ilario holds a BA in Communication Science and he has been a journalist in South Italy for about ten years. In 2011 he moved to London to read for the MA International Journalism at City University London. He is now Multimedia Editor for The Climate Group, a charity that works with businesses and subnational governments to tackle climate change.

Julia: Swedish and Spanish origin, Julia holds a BA in English and Spanish linguistics from Stockholm University and has spent several years working as a translator and copywriter, both as a freelancer and for the European Union. After having moved between Stockholm and Spain for a couple of years, she is now doing an internship at the Swedish Embassy in Guatemala. The internship focuses on ComDev and how the embassy communicates its developmental work to the public and includes developing a communication strategy as well as a working plan.

Where not indicated otherwise, all photos in the blog are sourced (with thanks) from pixabay.com, therefore are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.

Similarly, the text produced by the two authors of this blog is released under the licence Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0