Re:Develop was created to critically examine the interconnections between ICTs, New Media and Representations of Development. The blog is run by a team of graduate students at the MA program in Communication for Development at Malmö University.

has several years of experience working in the intersections of journalism, media development, advocacy and education. He is editor of the independent platform, and has lectured extensively on issues relating to the Middle East, migration, cross-cultural understanding and media representations. He has an M.A. in Arabic and International Relations from the University of St Andrews, UK.

Ahling has a MA degree in Chinese Studies from Leiden University and has been working within the communications field, both in the commercial as well as in the governmental sector for several years. She is currently working at the Press, Culture and Information Division of the diplomatic mission of Taiwan in Sweden.

Christie is a marketing and communications professional from Melbourne, Australia. She has several years of experience in not-for-profit organisations in the international development, health and animal welfare sectors. She has also spent time in Bangkok and Jakarta working on aid programs. Christie holds a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) from RMIT University.

Elena is a Social sciences MA graduate with some years of experience in not-for-profit organisations in the areas of human rights, development and health. She currently works for an Italian patients’ organisation in the Communication and Fundraising unit.