Creating Connections? offers regional perspectives on issues related to information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D) and the humanitarian aid sector. It is collectively written by a group of students pursuing the Communication for Development MA programme at Malmö University.

Guillermina is from Argentina and has worked as a translator and cross-cultural communicator both in the private and the international public sector in Argentina, Kenya, and the United States for almost a decade and a half. She is currently based in New York, working for the United Nations Secretariat while studying at Malmö University, hoping to learn more about applying communication to development.

Lisa was born in Ireland, but grew up in Australia, and has worked as a digital and content specialist for over eight years, managing media and communications projects for government agencies and NGOs in Germany, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and New Zeland. She is currently working on an Australian government labour mobility project supporting nine Pacific countries, and Timor-Leste, marketing their workers’ comparative advantages to employers in Australia.

Rhoda lives in Accra, Ghana, and has been working in communications for the past 15 years. She currently works with the Ghana Public Procurement Authority as Head of Public Affairs, with a focus on deepening transparency and efficiency in public procurement in Ghana. Rhoda is interested in exploring how new media, like blogs, can be used to raise awareness of anti-corruption issues in public procurement and public financial management in Africa, and around the world.

Roberto is a journalist from Spain. He spent some great years covering different sport events as head of sports in a digital media. After that he moved into private sector communications, marketing, and international sales. C4D came as a natural next step and as of October 2016 he is working for UNESCO as a Project Assistant.

Originally from the Philippines, Rudelene is a creative facilitator focusing on Organisational Development and leadership development. She has been working with local organisations across Asia for the past 16 years based in Cambodia and Laos. Currently, she is based in Helsinki, Finland with her husband and two sons. Rudelene is also an illustrator and a letterer.

Stella, originally from Sweden, lived in Berlin, Germany before moving to Brussels to work in the IT sector. She has worked as freelance journalist in Germany for Radio and TV and also published for www.soziologiemagazin.de, a student-run online journal in Germany. The development field is new for her, except for the courses she takes at Malmö University (C4D), and she tries as much as she can to explore more about it. She is expecting a child this year.


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