About us

Our blog #RESIST aims to collectively discuss matters relating to digital activism, new media and social change, We address the importance and dangers – of ICTs being used to disseminate movement information and call for action, facilitate solidarity across borders and groups, question power relations and hegemonies, and build movement membership and independent media platforms.

Cecilia is a Political Scientist, working as a freelance consultant for the International Labour Organization (United Nations) and local NGO’s mainly with women’s rights, gender equality and international copperation projects. She is also coordinating an internship program for Swedish students studying international cooperation and Spanish in Chile. She is specially interested in social movements, gender issues and activism, and trough this blog she would like to link these issues to the role new media activism can play in empowering certain Groups to get an online voice and #RESIST.
David Francisco is from Venezuela and works as an Account Manager for Spain and Latin America in a Swedish company of component procurement serving companies ranging from global EMS and OEM corporations to small and local manufacturers. He aims to make business between Sweden and the developing world. By having grown up and lived under a military dictatorship, David’s political and moral stances were shaped accordingly. He wants to give a voice to those who believe in freedom of choice and self-determination. He believes that development is in need of more libertarian and conservative values.
Fernanda is a Brazilian journalist with more than 10 years of field work as a reporter in news agencies and a communicator in local children rights NGOs. She is currently working as a freelance reporter and communications consultant for local NGOs in Brazil, and has also written some articles in Swedish for independent media outlets as Fria Tidningen and Feministiska Perspektive. Fernanda is particularly interested in issues such as feminism, LGBT rights, poverty, inequality and development in the Global South. For this blog, she contributed with her visions on how new media and ICT and civil society inform and create each other.
Emma is a former Human Rights’ student, fulltime Swedish mother and part-time Australian. She likes to write from a postcolonial perspective and leans pretty far left. Favourite news source: New Matilda, favourite TV show: Peaky Blinders.
Elin is based in Nairobi, Kenya and she is currently working as regional communication officer in East Africa for the Swedish organization Vi-skogen/Vi Agroforestry.