About Us

This blog is written by a group of Communication for Development Masters program students at Malmö University in Sweden as part of their degree program, and it is meant to dissect the different ways in which  citizens interactions, influenced by globalisation and its embedded new communication technologies, can foster contentious sociopolitical, cultural and economic issues through activism.

Joshua Ndip is a Swedish citizen originally from Cameroon living in Stockholm. He has past experiences working in community development projects in Cameroon and in South Africa and he´s currently working as a project coordinator with Scandinavian African Foundation for Growth based in Stockholm. He is interested to get an inside into how  C4D can have an impact in the way organisations function.

Hanna Fjellborg is a Swedish citizen, living in Argentina. She has a background with legal studies focusing on human rights and work experience in migration. Her interests is i communication, cultures, traveling and development and believes that her ComDev studies provides her with an exciting learning experience.

Sofia Møller is Swedish, but left Sweden 15 years ago and is currently living in Singapore. She has a background in political science and has previously worked with human rights and HIV issues in South Africa and as a coordinator at SOS International in Copenhagen. The combination of communication and development suits her perfect and she is thoroughly enjoying her Com Dev studies.

Hassan Abdi Madar is a Strategic Reform Adviser in a Public Financial management Project and Political Economy Expert with Altai Consulting. He has a background   in the areas of peacebuilding, finance and management, and has previously worked with International NGOs in Africa. Hassan studies now Communication for Development at Malmo University, Sweden.