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Girls, not Brides: A global agenda for ending child marriage.

Ending child marriage is a global agenda in which many international partners are working through using various programs and tools to make a significant, positive change. “Girls Not Brides” is one of the initiatives to end child marriage and invest … Continue reading

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The importance of online Networking through social media

“Networking isn’t about how many people you have around your table, it’s about having the right people at your table and being able to classify your network is the most important” (Acumen, 2017). The hard truth these days is that social media is … Continue reading

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Influence of new media on political changes in Africa

New media have made a quite big change in the world for the last few years from local grassroots to global international levels. It is used for social and political changes including regime changes through influencing electoral processes and people … Continue reading

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The Impact of President Trump’s travel ban.

You always see strange things in this world. These strange things maybe coming from normal individuals, or powerful persons from the countries leading the world. A person like President Donald Trump whose words are lawful or have immediate enforcement considering his … Continue reading

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