About us

We are a group of students at Malmö University, Sweden undertaking the Masters programme “Communication for Development”. This blog is a collaboration between 4 of us, focusing on the topic of ICT4D and specifically the connection between social media, data and development.

About @GlocalData Blog

The term Glocal combines the words globalisation and localisation, and was made popular by sociologist Roland Robertson. According to Robertson the boundaries between the local and the global have become blurred, and the term glocal reflects how local culture assigns meaning to global influences.

In creating the @GlocalData blog, we intend to draw attention to the simultaneity and interdependence of the local and global when it comes to the use of digital tools and ‘datafication’ of development policies.

Over a relatively short period of time, we hope to inspire and challenge our readers to think critically about the role and impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in overcoming social, economic, political and ecological problems.


We encourage all our blog readers to join the conversation, so you are welcome to comment and interact with us!


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