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Orestis holds a B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Piraeus and a M.Sc. in Brand Management and Marketing Communication from the University of Southern Denmark. Having lived most of his life in Greece and over three years in Denmark, Orestis is currently living in Geneva where he is working as Junior Communication Officer for the CERN openlab. At the same time, being interested in global developmental issues from a communication perspective, Orestis is currently studying a Communication for Development M.Sc. at Malmö University.


Samah graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science from Kingston University, UK, before pursuing a career in the Middle East in the field of Media. After spending several years in the region, working and fulfilling her passion for travel, Samah returned to Europe to pursue a Masters in Communication for Development and work as a consultant for African Diaspora Development organisations. She is passionate about advocating for disadvantaged people around the world, particularly putting her skills and experience to advance the interests of women and girls in East Africa. In her spare time, Samah enjoys the arts, especially visual arts, reading and travelling.


Sandra graduated with Masters in Sociology and Communication from UQAM University in Quebec, Canada, and in International Relations from IEP Toulouse and Human Rights Law from IDHL Lyon Institutes in France. Over the last decade, Sandra has worked for local and international NGOs, as well as governmental and inter-governmental agencies, in countries such as Burkina Faso, Chile, Haiti, Mauritius, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Her main expertise is in child protection programme management. She has also worked on issues such as migration, food security and sanitation. Eager to learn, Sandra is constantly looking for opportunities to develop knowledge and skills that would serve the cause of vulnerable people.


Simon graduated with a Bachelor’s from Manchester Metropolitan University in Biology and a further undergraduate in English Literature and Film studies from Northumbria University in the UK. Simon has spent the last 7 years working in International schools and Universities in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan. Simon enjoys helping his students achieve their goals in the English Language and academic careers. Simon is a keen reader, beach goer and film buff, but has a growing interest in global and political issues. He is looking forward to gaining a deeper knowledge of global issues and hoping to make a difference.


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