Podcast: “Health: Why Tech and Data, Not Aid is the Answer”


Mariéme Jamme is a Tech entrepreneur, activist and co-founder of Africa Gathering, a global platform bringing together entrepreneurs and others to share ideas about development in Africa.

In 2012 Southbank Centre launched Africa Utopia, a festival dedicated to bringing art, ideas and discussions on African politics, technology, education and trade from Africa and the African diaspora to audiences in the UK.

Mariéme Jamme’s podcast during the 2015 Africa Utopia festival discussed why data on health, gender and human rights is the new currency supplanting traditional forms of aid on the continent.

The podcast offers a nuanced discussion around technology, traditional and social media, aid and development, participation and governance. Subject experts offer an experienced perspective on  how the use of data analytics can be used in investigating causality of social health determinants on wellbeing, the tracking of health system use, and how to leverage data to understand behaviour, improve decision making, and make better predictions.

Image credit: Southbank Centre


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