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Throughout history, major inventions in communication technology have given raise to prophecies about revolutionary societal change around the corner. And indeed have societies been affected through the introduction of technologies such as the press, the telegraph, radio, television and internet. But how far-reaching are these changes? Do they actually affect the quality and nature of human relations and developmental progress, or are they limited to the quantity, reach and speed of interactions and transactions?

This blog aims to approach such questions by exploring the theory and practice of development partnerships. How does relationships between different development actors relate and react to the introduction of new information and communication technologies and channels, such as smartphones and social media? Can we sense any substantial change in the nature and quality of development partnerships, or is it business as usual performed through new channels?

Inspired by texts and communicative events accessed within and beyond the Communication for Development Masters Programme at Malmö University, and drawing on our own academic and professional pathways, we approach these questions from different angles and perspectives. “Partnerships” are understood in a broad sense, as all relationships in which development actors join forces – be it for more effective, efficient or strategic results.



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