Meanwhile on Twitter.. #2

Here are some key posts from our Twitter feed the past couple days, or else, meanwhile on twitter:


A book reader or an innovator?? Most probably, the former!



A list of disruptive technologies and their potential economic impact.



What would happen if I just kept digging?? Humanity wonders



A look at @aidnography



We have started a thread with articles about football, representation and stereotypes. From “He needs to think a little bit quicker” to it might be a bit of a banter, and all the way to.. beware, you probably are a racist



Clueless policymakers? No way!

On a similar note, in regards to multilateral partnerships for the implementation of ICT4D projects for development and Unwin (2017, p.27) argues: 

Such a framework, though, ignores the most important people in any partnerships, namely the intended beneficiaries, and this is precisely one of the problems encountered in the failure of many ICT4D projects to deliver on their intended objectives. More often than not, they are designed externally, without sufficient consideration being given to the needs and contexts of those for whom they are intended.


No more Utopias.-


why? because:

we no longer see technology as this magic panacea for the world’s ills.

but also, because:

if you write a story set in a dystopian setting, there’s kind of automatic, built-in drama


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