Meanwhile on Twitter.. #3

Here are some key posts from our Twitter feed the past couple days, or else, meanwhile on twitter:


This week streetfootballworld and CommonGoal welcomed the 5th #CommonGoal contributor, the Italian male footballer Giorgio Chiellini:


While we were writing this post they also welcomed their sixth member, the German male footballer Serge Gnabry:

Our hopes became true so fast. For more about #CommonGoal, take a look at our piece: The Juan Mata Paradigm


Also, @aidnography takes a critical approach to Marisa Papen’s ‘need’ to experience a new culture. Can you blame him?


while Tony Roberts discusses the dark side of digital deliberation.

“There is a great disturbance in the Force”, Emperor Palpatine


In addition, in our twitter list, you can find several @mahcomdev students and their #NmICT4D articles. This means a lot of communication for development material and lots of useful ideas. Take a look, and you will not regret it!


We take another look @aidnography as he talks about decolonizing #globaldev and gender equality in development online publications.


Concluding: Are diamonds a woman’s best friends? Are cars a man’s best friend? Is this video about breaking stereotypes?



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