Meanwhile on Twitter.. #4


Here are some key posts from our Twitter feed the past couple days, or else, meanwhile on twitter :

Another day, another player pledged 1% of his salary to the cause of  #CommonGoal . This is the time to welcome the German male footballer Dennis Aogo!!


Now the contributors are seven.


Ooohh wait.. they are 9, because Australian Alex Brosque and Julian Nagelsmann just joined the crew 🙌👏:


So, now they are 8 players and one coach.

We must have at least a proper 11-side by the end of the month and a whole 23-squad by the end of the year! For more about #CommonGoal, take a look at our piece: The Juan Mata Paradigm


In the meanwhile, DIAL hosted “Practicing the Principles for Digital Development” in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – #DIGITALPRINCIPLES:


USA out of the World Cup in Russia. Some might say that the men will miss it, well this is stereotyping somehow:


Some ethical questions in regards to photography:


Some questions about the role of African superheroes in saving, not just the girl, but the reputation of a whole continent:


Finally, the Peace Museum in UK exhibits Cartoons for Peace and Commonweal is looking forward to visit:



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