About the Authors

Here is a little something about ourselves.

Alice lives and works in London, heading up the Communications for Development team at an international development charity called Tearfund. Growing up as a Brit in Belgium made communication across cultures central to her life from an early age. She is delighted to have discovered the field of C4D and this course at Malmo which has been opening up new ideas, contacts and opportunities across the world.

Conor is a visual storyteller that has the privilege to regularly work with communities across the world from Papua New Guina to Pakistan. Working as both a visual storyteller and educator, moving into the communications for development space has been a natural progression. Conor is based between Middle East, United Kingdom and Australia and consults for a range of development and humanitarian organisations while also publishing his own work in leading media publications. www.conorashleigh.com .

Maria is a communication professional with background in diplomacy and international organisations. She is currently based in Kyiv, working with European Union Advisory Mission Ukraine on the security sector reform. She is passionate about development work,  communication for social change and gender issues.

Ruket works and lives in a city called Norrköping in Sweden. She has been working as a case officer at the Swedish Migration Agency for the past two years. She has earned an associate degree in Hospitality and Business Management as well as a BA in International Studies and Political Science. Ruket is currently a graduate student at Malmö University studying Communication for Development. The course has enabled her to explore the different elements and strengths of communication for development.

Sofoklis is a development newbie based on a seaside Greek city called Thessaloniki. He likes learning things and that’s why he loves a good book or an interesting journey. ComDev offers both and plenty more. If you find his name difficult you can call him Sofo.

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