The Power of Slacktivism as a Tool to Self-Educate

Is our digital engagement in social causes really worth the title of being a real activist? Maybe not always, but one should not underestimate the power of Slacktivism as a powerful tool to raise awareness that can lead to valued self-education.

We live in a digital age, where our ability to access information and create content never has been easier. Technology has also expanded our social circles, by our frequent use of social media, where geographically distant people have become our virtual neighbors. One can even say that we have Continue reading “The Power of Slacktivism as a Tool to Self-Educate”

Is new media activism an illusion of new solidarity?

New Media generates opportunities for people to share and exchange experiences, discuss ideas and opinions, learn languages etcetera in a new pace and through new tools. So what is the potential of this new media when used for development and social change?

As we have mentioned in the introduction post, many of us think of social media when we talk about new media activism, which is adequate as social media on a societal level creates exceptional opportunities for information flow, emotional expression, and social influence or advocacy (Lewis et al, 2014:1). For me, the deduction of this is solidarity.

A unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a  common interest; mutual support within a group. Continue reading “Is new media activism an illusion of new solidarity?”

New Media Activism – what are we talking about?

Most of us probably have an idea of what new media activism, or digital activism, is and what implications it has on society and development. In this blog we will give you some contemporary examples of online activism and discuss its consequenses. But first, let us tell you what is “new” with new media and how it can be used for activism and development!

Welcome to our blog! We hope you will stay a while and that you will come back soon:)

We are four students from the Communication for Development Master Program at Malmö University and this blog is part of a course called “New Media, ICT and Development”. Continue reading “New Media Activism – what are we talking about?”