Her Net Her Rights – this is how we do it

The European Week of Action for Girls has just passed, which is a yearly event that aims to promote the empowerment of European women and girls. In order to join this action, we decided to cover an online conference that was held as part of the European Women’s Lobby project Her Net Her Rights.

Prominent figures within the feminist movement, like activists and researchers, had gathered around the virtual table to discuss women’s rights issues online and possible solutions to create a safer web for Europe’s women and girls, as part of Her Net Her Rights by the European Women’s Lobby (EWL). Continue reading “Her Net Her Rights – this is how we do it”

Online battle against online violence against women and girls

Bullying, harassments and threats are no new phenomenon. But the degree to which these are directed towards girls and women have made civil society and academia raise awareness about it.

Forms of online harassment can vary widely, from name-calling and trolling to stalking and shaming to outright sexual and death threats. Women harassed online are many times expected to either ignore or feel flattered in response to the harassments. Continue reading “Online battle against online violence against women and girls”

Resisting #assholesonline – feminist activism against online sexual harassment

Online sexual harassment is part of many girls’ and women’s everyday life. As legislation is slow and patriarchal structures urges women to disengage and avoid any risks rather than to fight back, resisting isn’t always the easiest way to go. But by using online platforms as a way of exposing and responding to harassment, a growing number of women are finding new, creative ways of fighting back.

A study from Swedish children’s rights organization, Friends, shows that one-in-five girls in the age 10-16 in Sweden have been victims of online sexual harassment last year (Friends 2017). An American study shows how online harassment is on the rise in the US.

Continue reading “Resisting #assholesonline – feminist activism against online sexual harassment”