Six Degrees of Separation – A Phantasm of Digital Utopianism

Six degrees of separation is a phantasm! We might be six degrees apart from people that are living under the same social conditions that we are or with people that share our values and ideas. Although technology has improved our ability to communicate, it is evident that socioeconomic issues related to class, race and ideas, are creating division between people, which is hindering our complete unity.

Many of you may be familiar with the title Six Degrees of Separation, as it is the name of a famous play written by John Guare, and also the title of a movie staring actor Will Smith. They are both based on the theory that we live in a small world, where we are all connected, by a chain of six acquaintances. The initial idea of the Continue reading “Six Degrees of Separation – A Phantasm of Digital Utopianism”