Decoding Digital Activism

About us

Decoding Digital Activism aims to open a discussion on how new media generates spaces for participation and online activism and how they are translated into social change and into the development field. We will be discussing and sharing thoughts on issues like civic engagement on digital platforms, citizen journalism, activism targeting political systems, and online campaigns and initiatives among others.


Gbenga Jelili was born in Lagos Nigeria and had been living in Gothenburg Sweden now for nearly twelve years. He majored in Business Management and also holds Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from Malmö University. He currently works as a personnel Administrator in a Swedish Municipal Transport Company. With a politically active mindset from his days in middle school, his interest in how government policies are transformed into uplifting the living standards of people has always been of concern to him. He is also involved in a grassroots development initiative that sees Africans in Sweden given back and empowering the most underprivileged kids in some African countries.


Taryn is a digital communications professional currently working at Australia’s national environment organisation. She has been involved in a number of grassroots social movements, and is interested in how stories can inspire people to take action.


Julie has a background from political science and grassroot organisations, and works with international politics and journalism. Her field of interest is the power of communication, the democratic dilemmas of the new media and the political impact of online activism.


Irene has a film and communication background and produces communication and awareness materials for non-profit organisations. She believes storytelling is a powerful tool for empowerment and social change. She lives and works in Southeast Asia.





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