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Eraptis, October 24.

Tonight, Studentafton hosted an event with the head of #HeForShe, Elizabeth Nyamayaro, at Lund University, Sweden.


Here are some of the things being tweeted by #HeForShe during the event!

Elizabeth Nyamayaro emphasizes the need for all (both men and women) to engage in order to create lasting change:

To this day, there’s yet a country that has achieved gender equality. Thus, it’s not only a “Global South” problem – change needs to happen everywhere:

The need to act when required, to not be passive in the face of inequality and injustice:

But what about data?

DIAL* asked the same question – is all data created equal?

* DIAL (Digital Impact Alliance) is a “partnership amongst some of the world’s most active digital development champions” including: UN Foundation; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency); and USAID 

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