About us

We are five students from the Malmö University Master’s programme in Communication for Development, exploring social media practice & #Data in the context of #ComDev.

Aymen is a communication student from Tunisia with an interest in local development and data visualization. Aymen holds a BA in management and is fluent in 3 languages: Arabic, French and English besides of basic knowledge in Chinese and Italian. He has experience in media analysis and training, with the aim to contribute towards strengthening media freedom as part of the democratic transition in the country.

Diana is currently based in Madrid, originally from Malmö and was born in Riga. A communication student with the special interest in development, photography and travel (the idea is to combine all three someday). Holds a BA degree in Comparative Literature and has experience in PR, communication and advertising.  

Eraptis has a background in International Economics and International Development & Management and is interested in exploring how data can be used to inform and develop the field of International Development Cooperation. Adding the Communication for Development component on top of that brings a new dimension to challenge the way development professionals “do things”.

Goda is a communication student from Lithuania but is currently living in London. Goda has a double Master degree in European Union Law and Governance and works in risk and compliance at present.

Louise is based in Stockholm where she works in communication at a larger international human rights organisation. She has previous experience from UN Women. Louise holds a B.A in Global Studies, specialising in International Relations, from the University of Gothenburg.