About us

Welcome to The Datalogue!


We are three students of Communication for Development at Malmö University who have created this blog to discuss, simply said, what happens when ICT and digital communication meets development policy and practise. In other words, we discuss the relationship between social media, data and development. Join us on our journey!


A few words about the bloggers: 


Jo is an Australian, living in Geneva, Switzerland since 2011. With a career in communications, mostly for NGOs, Jo currently works as the International Content and Publications Manager for Médecins Sans Frontières, and has travelled the world for work implementing communciations in developing country contexts.
Dragomir is from Bulgaria. He has a diverse career in Information Technology and Technical Support, mostly working for corporations where official languages are English and Italian. He’s passionate about WordPress and loves surfing the Internet. He likes nature and traveling to unusual destinations.
Helen is a Norwegian-Finnish journalist and language specialist, but currently working as an advisor for refugees. She has a varied background from print media, radio and information work for various employees in Norway. She spent the last years working with asylum seekers and refugees.