Information sharing – big data is fun!

Mostly we have been discussing the importance of big data concerning policy making and accountability as well as discussing the vital importance of trustworthy and updated data. It is also important to raise awareness of the importance of information sharing to the general public.

What is the average life expectancy in Vietnam? If you would make a guess you would probably not be right. Most people believe that the situation in the world is much worse than it actually is. Information understanding and sharing is of great importance for raising awareness of the great development that has been made in the world the last decades.

Hans Rosling, was a swedish researcher and educator that is commonly known by swedes for having explained facts and big data in a very pedagogic way raising awareness of the positive and fast global development being made in the last two centuries. His easy and accessible way of explaining big numbers in an understandable way is something every swede knows him for.

Below, a video from 2009 where Hans Rosling explains the development of average life expectancy of 200 countries the last 200 years.


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3 Responses to Information sharing – big data is fun!

  1. Helen says:

    Good example of communicating on big data! I agree that Rosling was/is a good speaker and his way of presenting big numbers is pedagogical and exciting. It is true that the situation in the world is often presented as negative and Rosling helps us see it in another, more positive way. However, I also agree with his critics that say that it depends how you read the numbers. For example, the british organisation Population Matters points out that he “ignores the fact that: while the proportion of people in poverty is shrinking, the actual number of such people in the high fertility countries is rising”(From Others call him a confused statistician: So, according to his critics, it all depends on how you interpret the data. I think that is an interesting and relevant point to consider when talking about data and development. 🙂

  2. Sujitha Krishnamoorthy says:

    Thank you Marcia for a very good information. great work.

  3. Aymen says:

    I just came to discover your post and loved it because it is short and concise, especially the video at the end.

    Indeed, as mentioned in my article “Big Data Visualization: A Big Asset for decision making”, the most important aspect of Big Data is the way to use and combine this large stock of data to facilitate decision making and.

    To this end, Stephen A. Thomas defines Data Visualization in his book “Data Visualization with JavaScript,” as the way to visualize large amounts of data in a format that is easily understood by viewers. The more simple and straightforward data data display is, the more likely the viewer will understand the message, even though it’s important to avoid data simplification which might disconnect data from the reality of the topic it is about.

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